About us

Inbound is about People, being helpful by sharing relevant tips and guidelines that make a difference and not breaking them down, interrupting them and pushing them for your sale.Inbound Marketing is a fundamental new way to approach a potential customer. Instead of Cold Calling, Cold Emails, Interruptive Ads and being Marketer focused, Inbound focuses more on nurturing your potential client with SEO, blogging and attracting new leads, by being Customer Centric.

Instead of creating print ads and buying display ads, you create a blog where people can gather useful information and look forward to reading more about your industry and field of expertise by using marketing automation.

You nurture your leads and guide them by educating them along the way. By doing this you are informing the lead of your industry and educating him on all the relevant fields of knowledge. This way your potential lead can make a better informed decision.

How to understand the inbound (Internet) methodology graphic.