Internet Marketing

The Hublink Internet Marketing Package from Koot van der Walt on Vimeo.

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Get ranking on local search results

Your products and services may seem a common with other competitors. We can enable your products and services to be listed as first preference on your area. In other words, if users search for products and services in a specific area, yours should appear as first preference.

Monthly Scheduled Reports

Your website consists of content that people should be aware of. Therefore, it is important to analyse all the content from time to time. We take into consideration; keywords that were searched and common pages that were frequently accessed. We provide you with strategies for arears of improvement.

Get Indexed to our Database

Your website can be discovered on the internet through as many sources as possible. Which is your online directory listing is vital when trying to populate your website on the internet. We guarantee a hassle-free business directory listing which is free of charge. You also get bulletin news reports with this package.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website is like a journal in a library on search engines. It contains content (Keywords and search phrases) that need to be indexed on search engines. If your products and services contain keywords or search phrases that are common and frequently searched for, your optimization becomes more complicated because you need to outline your feasible market.

The Internet is not a safe marketing platform

Although the internet is the fastest way to penetrate markets. The internet is not always a safe marketing platform which is why you need to consider a secure website and have all your personal information authenticated. We provide secure and authentic content. We also provide how you can monitor your website’s security.

Website Security

Our web development services consists of an array of web security development expertise implemented to occupy your website with adequate security features such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Key Logs Authentication
  • Bad Bots Protection
  • Spam Protection
  • Traffic Control
  • Live Security Audit

Get monthly feed scheduled reports.

Get an up to date monthly report for your Google analytics. Analyse how much traffic was generated per web page and get an in depth review of how much traffic interacted with the website’s content such as forms and buttons.

Email Campaigns

You have the ability to control email campaigns by segmenting contacts based on lead status, demographics and  location. Targeted emails ensure your audience receives specific content to cater to their specific needs.

Get your website ranked on search engines.

You can spend endless amounts of money trying to get a Google ranking. We offer value for money guaranteed google ranking at a fixed rate.